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  • chevron_rightWhat should I do if I see people using the pool after dark?
    Our pool is open from dawn to dusk.  Residents who notice anyone in our pool outside of these hours should immediately contact the Northampton Township Police at 215-357-8700 (non-emergency number).  Residents should NOT confront the trespassers.  Using the pool outside the posted hours creates a liability situation for the entire community and will not be tolerated
Regency Website
  • chevron_rightWhat do I do if I can't remember my User-ID and/or Password?
    1. Select Forgot Password
    2. When prompted, enter your email address
    3. You will be sent a link via email to reset your password
    When you Log in, check the Remember Me box, and you will never have to enter your User-ID and password again as long as you are using the same device. Note that the Remember me option only works for one device at a time, so if you do log in on a different device and select Remember Me on that device, the website software will no longer remember your login on your original device.
  • chevron_rightCan we have a separate Login for each family member in our house?
    Yes. Each household can have a Primary Login plus up to three Secondary Logins.
  • chevron_rightHow do I upload photos to the website?
    You can add photos to an existing photo album by performing the following steps:
    1. On the website, select Photo Album (left side of screen).
    2. Select the album to which you wish to add photos.
    3. Select Submit Your Own Photo.
    4. Select Choose File, and upload the photo that you want to add. 
    5. Fill in a title and description for your photo.
    To start a new album:
    1. Go to Contact us/Help, tell us that you want to start a new album.
    2. Provide us with the name of your album and a brief description.
    3. Select Choose File, and upload one of the photos that you want in your album.
    4. We will set up your new album and notify you when it is ready.
    5. Add the rest of your photos by following the steps above to add to an existing album.